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What are Team Competitions?

Playing poker normally means that you want to win every hand and accumulate chips. In team play, the object is for you and your team mates to be the last players left in the tournament game. Each team game has variations on the scoring system, but generally the first players to be eliminated from the tournament receive the lowest points and the last player the most points.

The Free Poker Room (TFPR) has team poker tournaments that run for anything from a couple of weeks to six months. The Competitions have themes, such as a straightforward League, or based on you geographic location. Ideas for new competitions are always welcomed.

The League

The TFPR League runs for approximately six months, starting around the beginning of October and finishing at the end of April the following year, now having run for 10 seasons. Each League team can have up to 12 players and each tournament match is played by 5 team members from each of the opposing teams.

Teams are often looking for players, even during the season, so if you are interested you can register by placing a request in the forums in this thread: TFPR Players Registration

You can also contact the teams to express your interest in joining them by posting in their respective team threads:

Chipmates Hoof Hearted International Ace Kickers
Jammy Devils OneEyedJacks PokerPuffs
Soul Sisters Timelords Village People

The International Cup

The International Cup is a competition where teams consist of players residing in the same country. Depending on the numbers available from any particular country the teams may also be formed from broader recognised geographic locations. Players who have a strong desire to play for their "mother" country may also be able to form teams with others in the same geographic location as a team in "exile".

Teams consist of up to 6 players, 3 playing in each game. Each round is played as a double, two games back-to-back between the teams at the arranged time. The players from each team in the first game need not be the same as the second game, allowing more to play in each round. Full rules can be found in the "Information" entry of menu above, or directly here The International Cup

The Winners Circle

Tournament Description: During the GoldCup there was much talk between co-ordinators on the format of the tournament. Namely that due to the scoring system and high number of games, it was similar to a league format. Undoubtedly this format favours a more consistent player. Winners Circle is a tournament will run monthly from now on, provided it is popular with players.

Objective: To make a winner's tourney, getting away from the points idea that favours the consistent steady performer. A small tourney anyone can win is our aim, that will provide Fun and enjoyment for the TFPR players.

Outline: The tournament will last 2 days. First round will consist of 6 games on the 6's International Cup table. When you win a game, you qualify for the next round. After 6 games we will have 6 recorded Winner's.

These players will play one Final play-off game in the Winner's Circle. On the following day. The Winner of this game is crowned Winner's Circle Champion for the Month.

Full rules can be found in the "Information" entry of menu above, or directly here The Winners Circle

SPoTS Top-Players Tournament

SPoTS is an acronym for "Stigs Poker Tournament Statistics," and this data is easily available for anyone to view on TFPR website. All players who play on the tournament tables are tracked, and their game wins and losses are recorded in SPoTS. One of the features in SPoTS is the ranking of players by R.O.I. (Return On Investment). ROI tracks how well you have done based on your wins, regardless if you play at the 5,000 chip tourney table or the 100,000 table. A higher ROI means that you have consistently played very well (placed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd), and are thus listed higher in ranking compared to all other players. This competition invites these impressive and respected poker aficionados, to play in this prestigious tournament.

At the end of each quarter, the top players in that period are invited to play a single game, in where a prize of 300,000 chips will be awarded to the 1st-place winner. The year-end tournament game will have a grand prize of 1 Million chips ! For the quarterly competition, qualifying individuals must have played a minimum of 25 games in that period. The year-end tournament requires individuals to play at least 100 games within that calendar year.

To see if your name is currently on the Top-Players Quarterly qualifiers list, click here.

To see if your name is currently on the Top-Players Year-End qualifiers list, click here.

For the official rules and information page for this tournament, click here.

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