G50 Gold Cup Rules


Gold Cup outline

The Gold Cup is a three stage individual player competition. The first round requires each player to play 4 games. The highest scoring players move on to the Semi Finals. The field will half in size from 1st Round to Semi Finals. The Semi Finals require players to play 3 games. The 10 highest scoring players then move on to the Final. In the Final, 10 players play 1 FINAL game. The winning player in the Final is the Gold Cup Winner for the year.

First Round

The GoldCup tables will be booked between 1800 and 0000 GMT for Fri 26th June/Sat 27th June/Sun 28th June 2015.

There will be 2 GoldCup tables in 1st Round. Table A and Table B. Table B will start 10 minutes after Table A. This will help cut waiting times. There will be 6 games per night in sequence, 3 games per table, until all games are played in 1st Round.

All registered players will, during that time, play a maximum of 4 games, once you have played 4 games you are not to play any further games. Players start the 1st Round games with 800 chips.

Semi Finals

The GoldCup table will be booked between 18.00 and 00.00GMT on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th July 2015.

There will be only 1 GoldCup table in Semi Final Stage. There will be 3 games per night in sequence.

All qualifying players will, during that time, play a maximum of 3 games, once you have played 3 games you are not to play any further games. Players start Semi Final games with 1000 chips.


The GoldCup table will be booked for Sun 5th July 2015 at 18:00GMT

However this match may be re-scheduled to ensure ALL 10 Finalists can play. If this occurs, ALL finalists should try to agree a suitable date were all may attend.

There will be 1 game in GoldCup Final 2015. The winner will be the in First Position at end of game. Players start Final with 1200 chips each.

Note 1: Dates and times shown are confirmed, but additional games/days and times may be added in the First Round if numbers increase. Updated schedules will be posted in Goldcup 2015 thread regularly.

Note 2: Semi-final and Final rounds will have stand-by qualifiers in case players withdraw from the competition before a round starts.

Seating at tables

The tables will be open slather, that is everyone is to 'float' and wait for a coordinator (who will also score) tell everyone to sit. There will be a 5 min countdown.

Example: 5 mins... 4 mins... 3 mins... 2 mins... 1 min... 30 secs... 10 secs... SIT.

There will be a 5 minute break between games. It is hoped to run games continuously so those who do not sit at the first call may be able to play the next game. Two tables in 1st Round will also help here. If you are able to, and wish to, you may play all your matches in the same night. The coordinator may play in the game he/she is supervising.

Note 1: Do not SIT before asked, or game WILL be restarted at co-ordinators instruction. This is to avoid favouritism or players sitting in favourite seats.

Note 2: The first games will start as scheduled at 18.00GMT (First Round) and 18.00GMT(Semi Finals). Following games(First Round) and following games(Semi Finals) are impossible to assign exact start times as game 1 can be quick (1hr) or slow (2hrs) dependent on players and styles of poker played. All we can say for sure is a start time for game 1, then games in sequence thereafter.


The points awarded as detailed below for tables with 10 players:

Points Position
10 1st
8 2nd
7 3rd
6 4th
5 5th
4 6th
3 7th
2 8th
1 9th

When everyone has played their allocated games in 1st Round, the top scorers will go forward into the semi finals. Here the same scoring system will be used again. After all Semi Final games are finished, the top 10 scorers will go forward to the final. The final will consist of 1 game with same scoring.

Note 1: Points scored in the First Round of the competition do not carry over into the Semi Finals. The top half of field qualifying for the Semi Finals will start the Semi Finals with 0 points. Likewise the top 10 players qualifying from the Semi Finals to the Finals start again from 0 points.

Note 2: Points awarded for the game in the Final will always be as if there is a full table i.e. 10 for win regardless of how many play.

Note 3: On rare occasions when there are NOT enough players to fill the table, then scoring changes. See below:

9 players
Points Position
9 1st
7 2nd
6 3rd
5 4th
4 5th
3 6th
2 7th
1 8th
0 9th
8 players
Points Position
8 1st
6 2nd
5 3rd
4 4th
3 5th
2 6th
1 7th
0 8th
7 players
Points Position
7 1st
5 2nd
4 3rd
3 4th
2 5th
1 6th
0 7th
6 players
Points Position
6 1st
4 2nd
3 3rd
2 4th
1 5th
0 6th
5 players
Points Position
5 1st
3 2nd
2 3rd
1 4th
0 5th

Note 4: As can be seen, scoring changes dramatically when less than 10 players. This was started in 2011 to stop players achieving 10 points from tables of 5 or 6 players, which received abundant complaints. If less than 10 players occurs at a game, players will be asked if they want to proceed, given that the scoring is different. If players decide to wait for full tables, then that particular match may be re-scheduled for another day at players request with co-ordinator agreement and time permitting

Qualifying between stages of the competition First Round to Semi Finals

The field will now half in size from 1st Round to Semi Final Stage. The top scoring players will progress to Semi Final Stage. So if 40 players play 1st Round games, 20 will qualify for Semi Finals. If 30 players play 15 players qualify etc.

In the event we have more than 60 players actually play games in 1st Round. The maximum number of players that can qualify from the First Round to the Semi Finals is 30.

In previous years, we have had players with equal scores tied in the last qualifying position at the end of the First Round.

The method of deciding who will qualify for the Semi Finals is based on the player(s) with the higher positions in the individual games in the First Round. The following example illustrates how this works:


Position Player Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Total
31Mod Tia102416

From this example pompeyb and Mod Tia would progress to Semi Finals as they have both achieved a 1st place 10 point finish in a game.

The next player would be Kram100 as he has a 2nd place 8 point finish, but as outside top half of field they would only be a reserve(stand-in,) used in the event of a qualifying player pulling out after the First Round in the competition, but before the Semi Finals start.

Semi-Finals to Finals

Only ten players may qualify for the Final. Most years there has also been tied scoring at the end of the Semi Finals. To decide who will progress from the players on equal scores, we will refer back to scores achieved in the First Round. The players with highest cumulative scores in these stages will progress to the final 10 players. If player scores are still equal (highly unlikely), then we revert to highest positions achieved for players with equal points from First Round and Semi Finals. The players with highest positional finishes will progress e.g - players with most top place finishes.

Final Champion

10 players qualify for the Final. From 2015, there is only 1 game in Final(reduced from 3). So player in 1st position at end of game is GoldCup Champion for the year.


In order to play in the competition you must first register your intent to play by posting in the forum thread TFPR G50 GoldCup 2015 - Annual Individual Holdem Tournament

Please list the following information - any registrations not fully complete will be disallowed:

  • Player Name
  • Nationality

Registration closes Thursday 25th June 2015 at 00.00 GMT

Note 1: Players not registered for Competitions or Leagues must also register in the Player Registration Thread for the Goldcup Competition.

Goldcup 2015 co-ordinators

  • Mod_Tiandra
  • Kram100
  • pompeyb120

These players will answer any questions you may have, moderate the games and seat players. Disputes will be referred and resolved by these players. Their decisions are final and their instructions are to be followed.

Previous Champions

  • 2010 winner of the TFPR G50 GoldCup was Deville(England)
  • 2011 winner was Texas_hold2009(Malta)
  • 2012 winner was Jeyaprak(India)
  • 2013 winner was BingoBozo(England)
  • 2014 winner was W8ing4U(USA)

Table Rules

All site rules apply as normal.

General Conduct

  1. Ungentlemanly conduct is frowned upon. Any player antagonizing or goading another player will be dealt with severely. The offender will receive a muzzle during match play and his/her actions be dealt with by the co-ordinators. This could result in points being deducted from individuals.

    Any player who is not directly involved with the match entering chat with the purpose of annoying players, or chat that is totally irrelevant to the match, will receive a warning to stop. Any further chat from that player in breach of this rule will result in an immediate muzzle. The muzzle will automatically be revoked after 3 days without the need to appeal.
  2. Moderators can be called on Skype if needed. Complaints and appeals, accompanied by a copy of table chat where possible, will be heard by the committee or by Tia. The complaint and/or appeal must be placed in the forum league thread within 24 hrs of game finishing.
  3. Use of Skype, Google chat and other communication during a match is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. We rely on all members to carry out this rule in a sportsmanlike manner.
  4. Site Crash during Game

    In the event of a site crash during a game, if more than 5 players were still in play, the game will be restarted.
    If 5 players or less remain, and are in majority agreement (vote), they may submit there last chip count to co-ordinator and be positioned in the game as their chip count dictates. This ensures they may maintain a high placed finish, rather than losing all game progress in a retstart.