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Rules for TFPR League - Season 2013-2014


It is the captains responsibility to ensure their team members are made aware of the rules and any subsequent amendments. Any pleas of ignorance of a rule following an infringement will not be accepted or treated with any leniency.

  1. The league will consist of teams with up to 12 members per team. Captains will choose a maximum of 5 members from their team to play each match. Matches will be played every two weeks on a round robin basis. Both Holdem and Omaha Hi/Lo each have their own two week slots in which their respective matches must be played.
  2. Matches require a minimum of 3 members from each team in order to be played. A sub can be called upon by team captains to play in each league match to augment their team when members are unavailable (see rule 4).
  3. A designated team, consisting of 1 representative per team (total of 13 members) will form a guiding committee to deal with all rules and play infringements. Their decisions on disputes and discipline will be final. The committee will be called upon when there is a problem that can not be resolved amicably between parties involved. Tia will have a tie breaker vote if the need arises.
  4. Once a member has registered, played a match and won points for a team, they will not be able to join another team throughout that registered season. That member can only then play as sub for the rest of the season, but if they win points as a sub they cannot become a team member again that season. An 'exclusive' sub to a team does not exist. A sub can be called on by any team captain to play a league game for his/her team when he/she is short on team members. A sub can only play maximum of 3 Holdem and a maximum of 3 Omaha games for the same team during a season. Only 1 sub can be used per match. A dispensation may be allowed in extreme cases. Members who are living together can play in the league , in the same team, BUT will NEVER be allowed to play a game at the same time at the same table.
  5. All matches must be played within the allotted period (dispensation may be allowed in extreme cases). It is the team captain's responsibility to organize matches with their opposing captain and post in bookings thread.
  6. Teams must comply with the schedule throughout the season. Should problems arise for teams in finding a mutually agreeable date, an extension may be given by Tia, but only in exceptional circumstances. Failure to play a match within these guidelines will result in a nil point's allotment.
  7. Players who are banned are not allowed to play in the league, this includes new registration under another nickname. However, a dispensation is allowed for players banned for sitting out. Self requested bans are allowed to take their place back in the team once the ban is lifted.
  8. Seating : the team to sit first is the team mentioned first on the playing schedule (for example : ABC vs DEF .....ABC sit first). The winning team posts the result.
  9. Players have to play with the name they are registered with for their team.
  10. A password is required to access the league tournament rooms and will be provided by team captains to their team members. Under no circumstances should any team member disclose the password to any other player. This is to keep any possible disruption to a minimum during matches.
  11. If the site crashes during a match, all remaining players must replay the match at a time convenient to all. The match replay will consist of only the players remaining in the match at the time of the site crash. In order to start a match a minimum of 5 players are required. If the match had less than the 5 players remaining at the time of the crash, the players who went out in the preceding positions (or other nominated players, should they be unavailable) will be required to sit for the restart. Those players must click the "Sit Out" button when play starts, they must NOT play any hands. If all the players remaining when the site crashes are from the same team, there will be no requirement to replay the match. Remaining positions should be determined by chip stacks at the time of the crash if possible, otherwise the team captain will decide the order of places (for the Players Averages only). All players restart the match with equal chip stacks, no adjustment being made for positions at the time of the crash.
  12. For season 2012/2013 an armistice is granted to all banned players from previous seasons to participate in the league.

Scoring System

  1. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st = 10 points. 2nd = 8 points. 3rd = 6 points. 4th = 5 points. 5th = 4 points. 6th = 3 points. 7th = 2 points. 8th = 1 point. 9th and 10th = 0 points.
  2. The buy in is 1010 chips per player and normal tourney payouts are paid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  3. The winning team post the result.
  4. The highest point scorer from each team will play in an end of season competition.

General Conduct

  1. No player will be allowed to instruct another team player in competition. This will include indication of hand value, direct instruction i.e. "Go all in, fold, raise" etc. Non compliance will result in that team and player being warned for the first offence. A subsequent infringement of the rule during the season by ANY team member will then incur a 1 point penalty, all further offences thereafter will incur 5 point penalties. Those points will go to their opponents team total. A player who breaks this rule and finishes with less points than penalised will have their overall season points total reduced by the balance of the penalty.
  2. Ungentlemanly conduct is frowned upon. Any player antagonizing or goading another team or their players will be dealt with severely. The offender will receive a muzzle during match play and his/her actions be dealt with by the committee. This could result in points being deducted from individuals and therefore teams.

    Any player who is not directly involved with the match entering chat with the purpose of annoying players, or chat that is totally irrelevant to the match, will receive a warning to stop. Any further chat from that player in breach of this rule will result in an immediate muzzle. The muzzle will automatically be revoked after 3 days without the need to appeal.
  3. Moderators can be called on Skype if needed. Complaints and appeals, accompanied by a copy of table chat where possible, will be heard by the committee or by Tia. The complaint and/or appeal must be placed in the forum league thread within 24 hrs of game finishing.
  4. Use of Skype, Google chat and other communication during a match is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. We rely on all members to carry out this rule in the sportsmanlike manner of the league and friendship it represents.