Rules for Winners Circle 2013-2014


Scoring System

  1. Time: Last weekend of every month. Opening round Saturday @19:00GMT. Final on Sunday @ 20:00GMT. 1st tourney Saturday Oct 25th.
  2. Fee: League buy-in (1010 chips). So basically a free tournament.
  3. Registration: Was hoping to keep this to a minimum. This tournament is for all players registered for league or tournaments.

    Note: If you are not registered for league or tournaments in players registration thread, then please do so before tournament start, providing e-mail address. Table passwords are required and will be supplied at this time.
  4. Seating: The "Winners Circle" table for 6 players will open at 19:00 (7pm) GMT on Last Saturday each month. There will be 6 full tables/games in first round. Players can sit from 19:00 (7pm) GMT. There will be a 2 min countdown for each game. 2 min, 1 min, 30 secs, 10 secs......SIT. Sit when asked by table co-ordinator. Tables must be full to play. On winning a game, you can't play any more games. There are no limits on games per player (until you win). This should keep the tournament ticking over with a relatively small core of players. However in name of fairness, please do not play 2 games in a row, unless specifically asked too by a co-ordinator to help fill a table.

    Note: Co-ordinators may ask to re-seat table if a winner sits, or someone plays 2 games in a row. We will try and avoid this. In this situation the players that got seated validly, will be re-seated first when restarting the game, the open space or spaces will be available for waiting players. A 30 sec countdown will be provided for waiting players.
  5. Co-ordinators: Kram/Tia
  6. Software: Will be recorded and displayed as tournament in the Team Competitions pages, alongside League, GoldCup and International Cup. (See here and look under the "Results/Stats" menu)

Table Rules: Normal TFPR table rules apply.

  1. General Conduct: Ungentlemanly conduct is frowned upon. Any player antagonizing or goading another player will be dealt with severely. The offender will receive a muzzle during match play and his/her actions be dealt with by the co-ordinators. This could result in points being deducted from individuals.
  2. Any player who is not directly involved with the match entering chat with the purpose of annoying players, or chat that is totally irrelevant to the match, will receive a warning to stop. Any further chat from that player in breach of this rule will result in an immediate muzzle. The muzzle will automatically be revoked after 3 days without the need to appeal.
  3. Moderators can be called on Skype if needed. Complaints and appeals, accompanied by a copy of table chat where possible, will be heard by the committee or by Tia. The complaint and/or appeal must be placed in the forum league thread within 24 hrs of game finishing.
  4. Use of Skype, Google chat and other communication during a match is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. We rely on all members to carry out this rule in a sportsmanlike manner.
  5. Site Crash during Game: In the event of a site crash during a game, the game will be restarted. The object is to win, so placing does no good in this format.