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Moderator Attention Thread

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Author Moderation Team
#1 | Posted: 13 May 2009 07:06 
Post here if you have a complaint about another player and you would like to have the MOD's look out for them.

You can also contact us by looking for us on the tables or via MSN/email HERE

Author GreatestPlayer
#2 | Posted: 14 May 2009 01:31 | Edited by: GreatestPlayer 
Could you look out for MasterYnot he speaks kinda dirty lately :-)

Author kcc0289
#3 | Posted: 15 May 2009 08:39 
Hey can some one check on PabloEscobar28 on table 1??

He's flooding the chat box and using abusive language..

PabloEscobar28: makes me sick
kcc0289: SERIOUSLY!!!! stop talking to urself pab.. we don't wanna know...
PabloEscobar28: im talking to you all. but your all not listening.
PabloEscobar28: ignoring as well.
PabloEscobar28: o well
PabloEscobar28: hell is swell
PabloEscobar28: warmer then florida
PabloEscobar28: but really good company
PabloEscobar28: call!
PabloEscobar28: so i can lose
PabloEscobar28: like i seem to always do
kcc0289: i will have to report that u are flooding the chat box pab... stop...
PabloEscobar28: well im just the only one talking. you want to go snitch me out ?
PabloEscobar28: snitches get stiches.
PabloEscobar28: kcc. your kfc.
PabloEscobar28: like the fried chicken americans love to eat
kcc0289: yea...
kcc0289: lol
PabloEscobar28: so kcc. why do you snitch on people?
kcc0289: i dont.. jus askin u to stop floodint the chat box...
PabloEscobar28: you dont know me m f***er.
PabloEscobar28: kcc. do you know who i am?
PabloEscobar28: do you know what i can do to you?
kcc0289: apprently not.. :( who are u??
PabloEscobar28: im your worst nightmare. best not try to discipline me again.
PabloEscobar28: like i always say. if it doesnt have nothing to do with you, keep your nose out
PabloEscobar28: of it.

PabloEscobar28: my most favorite lucky seat in the whole wide world.
kcc0289: sorry i was in the forum.. jus postin a comment on mod attention thread..
PabloEscobar28: i wont lose this time.
jhoyken: ahh
jhoyken: ok
PabloEscobar28: kc i better not get banned.
kcc0289: jus wait pab... :)
PabloEscobar28: if i do. your dead. your whole family dead! you think i cant find you?
PabloEscobar28: you dont have your iP number blocked dummy.
kcc0289: wer do u think i am pab??
PabloEscobar28: i know your in the uk.
Lockmint: senseless
PabloEscobar28: i got nothing else to say to you. if i get banned its your life.
kcc0289: silly pab...
PabloEscobar28: im reading it now. you think they gonna take your side. ?
kcc0289: lol

Edited for content. ch75

Author PabloEscobar28
#4 | Posted: 15 May 2009 08:49 
Kcc. is just jealous. pay him no attention. he hasnt won any hands and is in a mood that he doesnt want no one chatting. another mod wantto be trying to enforce make believe rules. i wasnt flooding.

Author nightwriter
#5 | Posted: 15 May 2009 13:42 
I'd say flooding is the least of your worries -- pretty serious threats there, Pablo...

Not acceptable at this site.

Author DaDeadly1
#6 | Posted: 15 May 2009 13:56 
iv been at table wit pablo a few times..... he will probably eventually get muzzled or banned....not a very friendly type a person from my experiences with him.

Author kcc0289
#7 | Posted: 15 May 2009 15:55 
Thanks for the support guys.. :)

Author Dicki
#8 | Posted: 16 May 2009 11:10 
Mod required table 6 turbo. Players speaking foreign


Author bluffmaybe
#9 | Posted: 18 May 2009 13:19 
*Edited by Daniella*

Hi Mods.. Can you please sort this guy out.. i find it disgusting...
In pot limit at the mo
Mayhem83 folds
celljohn74 folds
joe1957 wins 920 from the Main pot
---Hand #18111001 ends---
---Hand #18111063 begins---
celljohn74 posts small blind 10
joe1957 posts big blind 20
petenield: *****
petenield posts big blind 20
bluffmaybe posts big blind 20
warrior73 calls 20 [to 20]
petenield checks
batankyu2 calls 20 [to 20]
sassxp raises 120 [to 120]
byles1 joins the table.
warrior73: why?
luckyduce: what has that 2 do with poker
bluffmaybe calls 100 [to 120]
Mayhem83 folds
luckyduce folds
celljohn74 calls 110 [to 120]
joe1957 raises 351 [to 371]
warrior73 all in 1290
petenield folds
batankyu2 folds
sassxp calls 1190 [to 1310]
DEALER: Consider joining the forum for a lively conversation!
batankyu2: i think this qualifies for a permanent ban

Author Daniella
#10 | Posted: 18 May 2009 15:30 
Thank you, Bluff...
This will be dealt with accordingly.

Author bluffmaybe
#11 | Posted: 18 May 2009 15:31 
Thanks Daniella... He ran off as soon as he was told Mods had been informed but i think he'd done it in other rooms too.

Author XxChantexX
#12 | Posted: 19 May 2009 11:21 
Rebuyer on full table when players was waiting:

billtheshark all in 980
amob all in 980
cokie folds
Manequinne folds
* Flop is dealt [Js,Ts,3d]
XxChantexX all in 9777
GIOSIPPI all in 13089
* Turn is dealt [8c]
* River is dealt [Kh]
GIOSIPPI shows [9h,7s] Jack-High Straight
GIOSIPPI wins 6950 from the Main pot
GIOSIPPI wins 30 from pot #2
GIOSIPPI wins 20296 from pot #3
GIOSIPPI wins 3312 from pot #4
ionica42 joins the table.
aLLiN011 joins the table.
---Hand #18216832 ends---
snopro joins the table.
nims23 joins the table.
Manequinne: vn
---Hand #18216924 begins---
cokie posts big blind 10
buster72 joins the table.
ionica42 posts big blind 10
aLLiN011 posts big blind 10
nims23 posts big blind 10
snopro posts big blind 10
Manequinne calls 10 [to 10]
ionica42 checks
artlu folds
GIOSIPPI raises 1010 [to 1010]
cokie folds
Manequinne all in 980
XxChantexX: amob you need to stand no rebuys at full table players waiting to play
ionica42 all in 990
tonynjo joins the table.
aLLiN011 folds
nims23 all in 990
snopro folds
* Flop is dealt [Js,Jd,Qc]
* Turn is dealt [4h]

Author coolhandluke75
#13 | Posted: 19 May 2009 11:24 
there now and watching :)

Author XxChantexX
#14 | Posted: 19 May 2009 11:26 
Thanks :)

Author GUDGE71
#15 | Posted: 19 May 2009 15:02 

Author coolhandluke75
#16 | Posted: 19 May 2009 15:05 
gone now thanks


Author GUDGE71
#17 | Posted: 19 May 2009 15:05 
gone and good, banned as well, thanks mods but unforetunatly my 10 yr old daughter saw it

Author lefthandwoman
#18 | Posted: 19 May 2009 15:16 
omg, that's awful. So sorry that happened, Gudge.

Author GUDGE71
#19 | Posted: 19 May 2009 15:22 
not ur fault,------ is it pos 2 get rolling script 2 remind players this is a family site, 24 , 7 ,around the world?

Author GUDGE71
#20 | Posted: 19 May 2009 15:29 
in the chat box

Author coolhandluke75
#21 | Posted: 19 May 2009 18:54 
great idea m8 but the fact is the pervs that would do this really don't care. I wouldn't be surprised if they get pleasure from the idea of a little girl/boy seeing that junk. :(

Author vogonjeltz
#22 | Posted: 19 May 2009 19:01 
muzzle needed on table one

Author coolhandluke75
#23 | Posted: 19 May 2009 19:22 
simultaneous muzzle by night and myself. Then banned for all in no stand.

Author blade7
#24 | Posted: 20 May 2009 09:22 
hi mods u haveing a meeting not 1 of u on which is stange anyway can u help plz databa rebuying at table 5

Author danm97
#25 | Posted: 22 May 2009 00:28 
Hey guys we need a mod at table1 but no 1 is online please rededian just rebought

Author Dutchhill
#26 | Posted: 23 May 2009 14:19 
turbo table 5
name: isla
keeps rebuying,not nice..pls help

Author Dicki
#27 | Posted: 23 May 2009 14:23 
MOD needed omaha table 1

glenrobbie rebuying

Maza066 posts big blind 8
winslow: ty
snuffs posts big blind 8
CyrilSweet posts big blind 8
honeynuts: ty
Bigears4 raises 18 [to 18]
Lilleth67: glenrobbie shift yer dumbb arse
CyrilSweet: lol glen- ur takin the p
snuffs calls 10 [to 18]
Bigears4: glen rebuy?????????
Dicki: lookin good snuffs
1useless: yep again
honeynuts raises 28 [to 28]
Maza066: 38
KarlRossman raises 329 [to 329]
CyrilSweet calls 321 [to 329]
tommo2205 calls 329 [to 329]
Mick6145 calls 329 [to 329]
winslow calls 325 [to 329]
Maza066 calls 321 [to 329]
snuffs: ty dicki
1useless: twice now
Bigears4 calls 311 [to 329]
Dicki: nhey no reby...other people waiting
snuffs folds
honeynuts calls 301 [to 329]
* Flop is dealt [5d,Qc,Jd]
winslow checks
Maza066 all in 30962.55
Bigears4 folds
honeynuts folds
KarlRossman folds
Bigears4: mod bloody MOD
CyrilSweet all in 471
tommo2205 folds
Mick6145 folds
winslow folds
* Turn is dealt [3d]
Dicki: i'm on it
* River is dealt [6s]
Maza066 shows [4h,Qd,Kd,6d] King-High Flush
CyrilSweet shows [9d,8h,Ac,5s] Pair of Fives/8-6-5-3-A(Lo)
CyrilSweet wins 1796 from (Lo) the Main pot
Maza066 wins 1796 from the Main pot
No qualifying low hands.
Maza066 wins 30491 from pot #2
tommo2205: called 1 m8
Bigears4: wd u2
---Hand #18695794 ends---
---Hand #18695939 begins---
Bigears4: ty tom
Maza066 posts small blind 4
Bigears4 posts big blind 8

Author Highlander07
#28 | Posted: 23 May 2009 15:47 
ty Dicki sorted now.

Author MrBlueSky
#29 | Posted: 24 May 2009 10:31 
MOSH9 rebuying t1

Author kindergarden
#30 | Posted: 24 May 2009 11:31 
VSENAHER rebuy on table 4. pls watch.

bradderszz folds
lao1 folds
VSENAHER all in 10633
* Flop is dealt [Ts,Ac,6h]
* Turn is dealt [3h]
* River is dealt [5h]
bball23 shows [Tc,Qc] Pair of Tens
bball23 wins 4910 from the Main pot
bball23 wins 40 from pot #2
bball23 wins 21266 from pot #3
bball23 wins 1154 from pot #4
faronchev joins the table.
---Hand #18797027 ends---
---Hand #18797126 begins---
calls 333 [to 343]
* Turn is dealt [3h]
bball23 bets 200 [to 200]
recurve calls 200 [to 200]
TinyDancer calls 200 [to 200]
lao1 raises 1700 [to 1700]
goldspade folds
bball23 calls 1500 [to 1700]
recurve all in 447
TinyDancer folds
* River is dealt [2c]
bball23 bets 10 [to 10]
lao1 raises 1510 [to 1510]
bball23 folds
lao1 shows [2s,9d] Nines and Deuces
lao1 wins 3926 from the Main pot
lao1 wins 3626 from pot #2
---Hand #18797126 ends---
Roob joins the table.
---Hand #18797291 begins---
bradderszz posts big blind 10
gudcards posts big blind 10
kindergarden folds
gudcards folds
faronchev calls 10 [to 10]
TinyDancer calls 10 [to 10]
lao1 raises 940 [to 940]
goldspade folds
bball23 calls 940 [to 940]
bradderszz folds
faronchev all in 970
TinyDancer calls 970 [to 980]
lao1 raises 6691 [to 7631]
bball23 folds
TinyDancer all in 4209.5

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