About SPoTS


What is SPoTS?

SPoTS is "Stigs Poker Tournament Statistics"!

From begining of July 2014 we have been collecting information about all Tournament games played on The Free Poker Room.* If you have played a SNG1 game on the Tournament Tables since that time you should find your name here in these pages. The results of those games is now presented here for you to see both how you, and others, have performed month by month.

The menu on the left allows you to select a month, then you can choose from the menu below that the view of the results you would like to see.

"Month Summary" will show you a table of how many players and tournaments have been played in the month. Also, you will see the players who have made the most profit in each tournament and those who have played the most games. As the data is updated on a regular basis you will be able to see this changes from day to day.

"Choose Player" allows you to select a player by name and see their performance in all tournaments they played in for the selected month.

"Tournament Rankings" gives you a list of the different tournaments, and having chosen one, you will then see a table of players who have played in that tournament. The table is initially in sequence of profit made by the players, but you can click on the column headings to sort the table in any sequence you want.

The results of Tournaments are transferred to these pages once an hour and the updated data should appear at two or three minutes past the hour.

I hope you enjoy looking at these statistics, if you spot any errors or have suggestions for other reports, please contact me using the contact links at the top right of the page.

The Stig.

1SNG is a "Sit 'n' Go" tournament, one that isn't arranged to start at a designated time. The game begins either when the room fills, or, after a minimum number of players required have sat (usually 5 players) and a countdown timer completes.

* - Apologies, it is possible that one or two other games were missed on the first day of July 2014. Since that time the recording and presentation of these statistics should be complete and correct.