Summary of activity for month

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Monthly Stats

Month: May 2017

Total Players in month 401  
Summary By Table of Tournaments Played  
Tournament Tournaments
Player with
Most Profit
Player with
Most Games
Stig top1
Holdem 15k 58 Bersalis EdieBlue Grapes55  
Omaha 10k 10 w8ing4u boar60    
Omaha 25k 49 albqtess albqtess crazy-man  
Holdem 10k 167 Grapes55 Dana796 Harris66  
Holdem 25k 220 jonny b EdieBlue Grapes55  
Holdem 100k 108 taz12345 EdieBlue taz12345  
Holdem 200k 590 ron huestis 12popp JOEDOMINGUES  
All Tournaments Combined 1202 Top Three Positions  
  First Place ron huestis EdieBlue crazy-man  
  Second Place eviane JOEDOMINGUES boar60  
  Third Place gurn11 Dana796 BJMcGill  

1 Player with the higest Return On Investment who has played a minimum of 10 games.