Top-Players Tournament Rules & Information


SPoTS Top-Players Tournament
is a quarterly and year-end competition, administered by Los28

Competition Summary.

SPoTS is an acronym for "Stigs Poker Tournament Statistics," and this data is easily available for anyone to view on TFPR website. All players who play on the tournament tables are tracked, and their game wins and losses are recorded in SPoTS. One of the features in SPoTS is the ranking of players by R.O.I. (Return On Investment). ROI tracks how well you have done based on your wins, regardless if you play at the 5,000 chip tourney table or the 100,000 table. A higher ROI means that you have consistently played very well (placed in 1st, 2nd or 3rd), and are thus listed higher in ranking compared to all other players. This competition invites these impressive and respected poker aficionados, to play in this prestigious tournament.

At the end of each quarter, the top players in that period are invited to play a single game, in where a prize of 300,000 chips will be awarded to the 1st-place winner. The year-end tournament game will have a grand prize of 1 Million chips ! For the quarterly competition, qualifying individuals must have played a minimum of 25 games in that period. The year-end tournament requires individuals to play at least 100 games within that calendar year.

Highlights about this Competition.

  1. The 1st-place winner (Top-Players Tournament Champion) in the quarterly competition will be awarded a prize of 300,000 chips. The year-end tournament winner will be commended with a grand prize of 1 Million chips !
  2. This competition is scheduled to play once every quarter (every 3 months), and also once at the end of the year. This means that your quarterly and calendar year statistics/data is tracked, and will be used to determine your qualification in each respective tournament.
  3. This is a one-game tournament. The single game will be played on a special 10-person No Limit Texas Holdem table. There will be no password required for this special table.
  4. There is a (free) zero chip buy-in for those who are invited to play.
  5. You do NOT need to register for the game. If you are invited, just show-up and play.
  6. Players must qualify to be seated in this competition (Sorry, but this tournament is not open for anyone to just sit and play). The top-ten players will be invited. The next 10 players will be posted, and should be prepared to play as possible substitutes.

Date, Time and Place.

  1. The game will more than likely be played on a Saturday. This day will usually fall on the second full weekend of the month, following the end of the quarter (or calendar year). For example: The game for the October through December quarter, will be played on the second full weekend in January.
  2. The time will more than likely be at 8 PM Universal Time (GMT).
  3. The Admin team for TFPR, will create a special table on the day of the tournament. The table will be labelled and named for this special event.

Primary Rules and Information.

  1. Lead-Coordinator = Los28.
    Add’l Coordinators = Tiandra.
  2. There will be a new thread created in the forum, every quarter, in regards to the next upcoming tournament. Please look for this thread at or near the end of each quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31). This thread will have the invited names of the top-ten players and the next ten players who will be prepared to play as possible substitutes. Invited players will not only have a high ROI, but must also have played a specific minimum number of games, to qualify. Also, look for a similar thread created for the special year-end tournament, in the forum.
  3. If invited, you MUST play using the exact username posted on the qualification listing of players. You cannot use another username, even if it belongs to you. So if you close your account or if you are banned from playing on TFPR at the time the game starts, then you are disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. If you own more than one username, and more than one of your usernames qualifies to play, then you can only play with one of your usernames. If this should happen, please inform the Lead-Coordinator with the username you will use to play with, and the other names you own which will not qualify in the current tournament. Please do this ASAP, so as to allow enough time for substitute players to make arrangement to play in the tournament ; thank you.
  5. You can never allow anyone, other than yourself, to play using any of your usernames.

Secondary Rules and Information.

  1. No player, or visitor, will be allowed to instruct other players while the game is in progress.
  2. UnSportsman-like conduct will not be allowed at any time before, during or after the game. Please be professional and respectful when using the chat box, or when posting in any of the threads in the forum regarding this competition. This rule applies to players and visitors.
  3. Moderators can be called on Skype during a game if needed. Coordinators, players and visitors alike, are encouraged to copy, paste and save information from the chat box for future reference regarding any possible misconduct.
  4. It is highly recommended that players not use Skype, Google chat and any other external communication during the game.
  5. Prize chips will be added to the winners points account, directly by Admin. This process may take up to two weeks to complete, so please be patient.
  6. In the rare event that the site crashes during the game, all remaining players must replay the match at a future date/time designated by the Lead-Coordinator. The replayed game will consist of only the players remaining in the match at the time of the site crash. Players restart the game with equal chip stacks, no adjustment being made for positions at the time of the crash. In order to start a new game, a minimum of 4 players are required (with use of the Int’l Cup table) and a buy-in of 1,000 chips will be necessary. If the new game has less than 4 players, then Coordinators, Mods or others will be asked to sit, in order to have the game begin. These individuals will immediately click the "Sit Out" button when play starts ; they must NOT play any hands.
  7. If any game (including a replayed game) seems too difficult to schedule or re-schedule, or if there is too much debate/disagreement about any game, then the Lead-Coordinator has sole discretion to proclaim that the tournament is null & void, and no winner will be declared for the current period.

General Seating Procedures before Game Begins.

  1. If you have any questions before the game begins, please-please post your concerns in the thread created for the competition. Every attempt will be made by the Coordinators to look for and promptly answer questions found in the forum, before the game begins. This will save time and insure unnecessary stress during the seating process.
  2. Every attempt will be made to have a Mod available, with the Coordinator, during the initial seating of players for the game. The Mod will help with any discrepancies, and can also assist to eject or ban any players who are in non-compliance. Please follow the Coordinator’s instructions found via the chat box.
  3. The Coordinator will first attempt to get everyone’s attention via the chat box. Please allow the Coordinator to have full use and control of the chat box. Do NOT use the chat box unless you have been asked by the Coordinator or a Mod, to post an answer.
  4. When it looks clear to start, the Coordinator will ask the top-ten players ONLY, to sit. Once you are seated, PLEASE DO NOT JUMP AROUND FROM SEAT TO SEAT. Please stay in the very first seat you are randomly assigned to. (The Coordinator needs as much time as possible to verify all usernames, and to sit any substitutes before the timer hits zero.)
  5. If there are any open seats after the top-ten players are seated, the Coordinator will then look to the substitute list for additional players. The Coordinator will call-out specific substitute names to be seated, one at a time. Substitutes should LOOK AT THE CHAT BOX, AND WAIT FOR YOUR NAME TO APPEAR, before you sit. Substitutes will be called in the proper order, according to their ranking on the list. Once seated, stay in your seat, and do not attempt to jump to another open seat.
  6. Every attempt will be made to sit a total of ten players. But if ten players are just not available, then a game with less than ten can be considered good and valid.
  7. If the Coordinator sees anything unusual or invalid during the seating process, the Coordinator may instruct all players to “PLEASE STAND” before the timer hits zero. Please watch for and promptly stand if you see this in the chat box. The Coordinator will then evaluate the situation, and then restart the seating process.
  8. If the game begins and the Coordinator sees something unusual or invalid near the beginning of the game, the Coordinator may declare the current game in progress to be void and invalid. The Coordinator will ask everyone to “go all in” or to “bet all your chips.” After two or three rounds of play with “all in” bets the game will end, the Coordinator can evaluate the situation, and then restart the seating process. Remember there is no buy-in amount, so you do not lose any chips. Unfortunately, there will be lost time and delay of game.
  9. Once the game begins, and everything looks clear, please feel free to use the chat box. Enjoy and chat with one another during play. I would like to apologize and thank everyone in advance, for your understanding with the need of the chat box to be “hogged” by the Coordinator during the seating process.

Disclaimer and Penalties.

  1. You are responsible for reading all information, rules and any subsequent amendments for this competition. Any pleas of ignorance of a rule will not be accepted or treated with any leniency. So if you are unsure about anything, please ask.
  2. Any misconduct or failure to follow the rules will be dealt with promptly. The Lead-Coordinator can seek the advice of Tia or other Mods, but will have full and sole discretion in determining penalties involving this competition. Penalties can be :
    1. Short-term or long-term disqualification from future competitions, with use from any or all of your usernames.
    2. Reduction or elimination of any winnings.
    3. Any other conceivable penalty that may seem fit and just, including “a warning.”
    In addition, if the Mod or Admin teams determine that any member of this site has violated the general rules of TFPR, then additional penalties maybe assessed by them. This could involve short-term or long-term bans or muzzles, at their sole discretion.